Scientific council

Academic Council
Katvalyan Victor - PhD, Director of Institute of Language, Chairmen, Head of Department
Hovhannisyan Nazik - Vise Director, PhD, 10.02.01
Abrahamyan Anahit - scietific secretary, PhD, 10.02.01
Aghabekyan Melada - senior staff scientist, PhD
Galstyan Anahit - senior staff scientist, PhD
Ezekyan Levon - Head of a chair of Armenian language of YSU, DPhil
Telyan Leonid - PhD, YSU, associate professor
Tokhmakhyan Robert - DPhil, AEU, associate professor
Khachatryan Lalik - DPhil, 10.02.01., 10.02.02
Hambarjumyan Vazgen - DPhil, Head of Departement
Hovhannisyan Lavrenti - leading specialist, DPhil, professor, corresponding member of NAS RA
Hovsepyan Liana - head of a chair of
General Linguitics of YSU, DPhil
Manukyan Anzhela - PhD, head of department
Mikaelyan Zhanna - PhD, deputy head of Departmen
t Mkhitaryan Gayane - senior staff scientist,
PhD Papikyan Silva - PhD, deputy head of a department
Sargsyan Artem - DPhil, ASPU, professor, head of a department, corresponding member of NAS PA
Sargsyan Nver - PhD, head of department
Simonyan Nektar - Academic secretary, PhD, 10.02.01
Sirunyan Tigran - staff scientist, PhD
Urutyan Robert - leading specialist, PhD 


Defens  of  DPhil    Thesis
Bella Suren Khojumyan «Linguostructural and structural-semantic aspects of the study of Russian somatic phraseological units in comparison with the...
Defens of PhD Thesis
Lilit Razmik Movsisyan «Vocabulary Features of  Modern Azerbaijani Language with Comparison of Armenian Language»
10.02.02 «General and Comparative...
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