Seminar of the Department of history of the Armenian language



On 22 February  2013 in the Department of History of the Armenian language NAS RA  hosted a seminar.
Some new research on the history of the language were presented.
Acting Head of the Department of History of the Armenian language, Senior scientific researcher H. Mkhitaryan presented research 

"Armenian medieval manuscripts on treatment through music" (by Arpi Vardanyan), which was published in 2012 in Beirut in

"Armenian Armenology magazine"

V. Khachatryan, scientific researcher of department introduced the borrowing and some dialectal phenomenon in colophons of 12-17 centuries manuscripts.








Last books


Defens of PhD Thesis

Lilit Razmik Hakobyan  ''Language of the Work ''Armenian History'' by Kirakos Gandzaketsi''

 10.02.01 «Armenian Language»

 On 12.09.2022,  at 15.00


 Defens of PhD Thesis
Gohar Garegin Hakobyan “The Iranian Caspian-Aturpatakan Sprachbund”

10.02.06 “Ancient and Modern Languages of Asia”
 On 13.06.2022,  at 15.00

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