Defense of Ph.D Thesis,Siranush Garnik Hovhannisyan




Siranush  Garnik Hovhannisyan  «The Text in Electronic Communicaton»   10.02.02   «General and Comparative Linguistics»   on  16.03. 2015,  at 15.00.

Scientific  adviser։    A.S.Abrahamyan, PhD, docent

   Official  opponents։  V.G.Hambarjumyan,   DPhil, prof.

                                       H.A.Hakobjanyan PhD, docent

 Leading  organization –  Vanadjor  State  University  after  H.Tumanyan



Last books


Defens of PhD Thesis

Silva Albert Muradyan  « The Valency of Transitive Verbs in Modern Eastern Armenian»

 10.02.01 «Armenian Language»

 on27.09.2021,  at 15.00


Defens of  DPhil  Thesis Ashot V.Galstyan  «Eastern Armenian Non-fiction Literary Language (between the 60s of the 19-th century and the 10 of the 21- th century)» 10.02.01 «Armenian Language»...
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