Defens of PhD Thesis, Hakob Vardan Avchyan


Defens of PhD Thesis

Hakob Vardan Avchyan «The Anbarani Dialect of the Talysh Language» 10.02.06 «Ancient

 and Modern Languages of Asia» on

23.05.2016,  at 15.00

Scientific adviser         V.S.Voskanyan, PhD, docent

Official  opponents։     V.Schulze , DPhil, prof.

                                   V.X.Parsadanyan, PhD, docent  



Leading organization:    Mesrop Mashtots  Institute of Ancient Manuscripts



Last books


Defens of PhD Thesis

Elaheh Taghvaei  «The Toponymy of Isfahan»

 10.02.02 «General and Comparative Linguistics»

 on 03.12.2018,  at 15.00

Scientific adviser           ...

Defens of PhD  Thesis

Hayk Valeri Harutyunyan «The Consept of Harf in the Arabic Linguistics. Typological and Comparative Study»

 10.02.02 «General and Comparative  Linguistics» on...

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