Defens of DPhil Thesis Haykanush Hovsep Mesropyan


Defens of DPhil  Thesis

Haykanush Hovsep Mesropyan  «Religious-ecclesiastic Vocabulary in Armenian Dialects»

 10.02.01 «Armenian Language»  on 23.01.2017,  at 15.00  


Official  opponents։     G.K.Khachatryan, DPhil, prof.  

                                   R.M.Tokhmakhyan, DPhil 

                                   T.S.Shahverdyan, DPhil, prof.                                        

 Leading organization:  Yerevan   State  University  


Last books


Defens of PhD Thesis

Silva Albert Muradyan  « The Valency of Transitive Verbs in Modern Eastern Armenian»

 10.02.01 «Armenian Language»

 on27.09.2021,  at 15.00


Defens of  DPhil  Thesis Ashot V.Galstyan  «Eastern Armenian Non-fiction Literary Language (between the 60s of the 19-th century and the 10 of the 21- th century)» 10.02.01 «Armenian Language»...
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