Defens of DPhil, Paranjem Garnik Meytikhanyan


Paranjem Garnik Meytikhanyan «Biblical Onomastics»

10.02.01 «Armenian Language»

on 25.09.2017,  at 15.00

Official  opponents։     L.S.Hovsepyan, DPhil, prof.

                                       V.L.Katvalyan, DPhil

                                       T.S.Shahverdyan, DPhil, prof.   

 Leading  organization – Vanajor State  University after H.Tumanyan 



Defens of PhD Thesis
Seyede Shohre Sajjadi «Fahlaviat of Hamadan  and Fars»
10.02.02 «General and Comparative Linguistics»
 on 19.02.2018...

Defens of PhD Thesis

Andranik Vachagan Ayvazyan «Linguocultural Manifestations of the Phenomenon of «Silence» in Political Discourse (on English and Armenian Material)


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