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The Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Language of National Academy of Sciences of  RA was created  in 17.05.2010. The aim of the Council is to give the young linguists the possibility of mutual contacts, discuss the results of their researches by means of conferences organized for young scientists. For that aim, in the summer of 2011 the conference was organized by young linguists which also involved young linguists from the Universities of RA. The Council as an intermediary is coordinating the general academic programs for young scientists. Currently the social program is being carried out to provide young researchers with affordable housing, the recipients of which are also the young specialists of the Institute of Languages who are in need of housing.

List of The Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Language of NAS RA

Sirunyan Tigran (chairman)
Khachatryan Valentine (Vice-Chairman)
Emin-Teryan Anahit
Safaryan Tatevik
Tadevosyan Hasmik.



Defens of PhD Thesis

Roghayeh Karimzadeh Naghshineh  «Study of Shahnameh’s Lexicon»»

 10.02.02 «General and Comparative Linguistics»

 on 18.06.2018,  at 13.00


Defens of PhD Thesis

Fatemeh Moosavi Mirak  «The Dialect of Vafs»

 10.02.02 «General and Comparative Linguistics»

 on 18.06.2018,  at 15.00

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