Defens of PhD Thesis, Shushanik Ishxan Zakaryan


Defens of PhD Thesis

Shushanik Ishxan Zakaryan  «Morphologic, Syntactic and Semantic Peculiarities of Verb Voice in Modern Turkish (as compared with the Armenian Language»

 10.02.02 «General and Comparative Linguistics»

 On 12.12.2022,  at 15.00

Scientific adviser            L.S.Sahakyan, PhD,docent       

Official  opponents։        R.H.Melkonyan, DPhil, ptof.

                                   L.A.Khachatryan, PhD    

Leading organization    Yerevan State  University after V.Brusov


Last books



Anush Andranik Khachatryan  «Language of the Electronic press (vocabulary, grammar)»

 10.02.01 «Armenian Language»

 on30.04.2024,  at 15.00

Scientific adviser...

Valter Tigran Berberyan  « The Problems of Development of Armenian Stylistic Thought (from the 1950S-to the 2020S»
 10.02.01 «Armenian Language»
 on 26.01.2024,  at 15.00...
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