Jahukyan readings


The Institute of Language of NAS RA after H.Acharyan completed the annual scientific symposium "Dzhahukyan reading", which began on May 22 and was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Language foundation. At the symposium presentations were made by more than 40 researchers from the Yerevan State University, State Pedagogical University after Kh.Abovyan, State Linguistic University after V. Bryusov, Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute, State University of Gavar, Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute, the Armenian Agricultural University and other institutions. The questions on the history of the language, dialetctology, vocabulary, terminology, etymology, stylistics, the phonetic system of the language, Western Armenian, the relationship between the two branches of the Armenian literary language, the options of the written and spoken language were discussed. There were also presentations devoted to the relationship between the Armenian and other languages, to the issues of General linguistics,  linguoculturology. According to the director of the Institute of Language V. Katvalyan lively discussions during the symposium, issues raised in the reports and the results of studies presented will contribute to the development of Armenian linguistic thought.




Last books


Defens of PhD Thesis

Shushanik Ishxan Zakaryan  «Morphologic, Syntactic and Semantic Peculiarities of Verb Voice in Modern Turkish (as compared with the Armenian Language»


Mariam Arthur Adamyan  «Linguo-cognitive Analysis of the Semantic Field  ‘’Age’’ in the English and Armenian Languages»

 10.02.02 «General and Comparative Linguistics»

 On 28.11.2022...

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